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Personal Space and Teenagers: Bedrooms

Is your teen’s bedroom considered his or her private domain? Should it be? Maybe these questions will provoke a few thoughts on the issue.

  1. Does your teen have a private bedroom, or does he or she share with another member of the family?
  2. Do you allow your teen to lock his or her bedroom door when he or she is inside?
  3. What about when he or she is not there?
  4. Do you go into your teen’s room when he or she is not there?
  5. Is your teen expected to keep his or her bedroom tidy?
  6. If your teen’s bedroom is messy, do you clean it up yourself?
  7. Do you enter your teen’s bedroom without knocking or announcing your arrival?
  8. What about his or her cabinet, closet, desk, dresser, or other storage spaces?
  9. Have you ever found anything in your teen’s bedroom that warranted a direct conversation or confrontation?
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