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Personal Space and Teenagers: Jobs

Teen employment during vacation seasons or after school can be commendable, rewarding, and excellent experience. 

But can also raise some taxing questions for parents.

  1. Does your teen have a job?
  2. If so, how old was he or she when he or she first started working?
  3. Do you know your teen’s boss?
  4. Did you play any role in your teen’s finding or procuring a job?
  5. Do you allow your teen to work after school, on weekends, or only during school vacations?
  6. Do you supervise your teen’s use of his or her earnings?
  7. Have you ever intervened in any way with your teen’s employer?
  8. Has your teen’s job ever conflicted with your family schedule, plans, or values?
  9. Have you met your teen’s coworkers?
  10. Do you visit your teen at work?

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