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Personal Space and Teenagers: Websurfing

All-over internet access may be the stickiest widget of all for parents of teenagers. High schoolers (and even middle schoolers) increasingly carry wifi-ready devices into the classroom and everywhere else these days. In fact, many schools require this.

How much parental control is too much, and how much is not enough?

  1. Is your teen allowed to use the internet without any supervision?
  2. If not, what rules do you have? How do you enforce these?
  3. Do you check the browser history on your teen’s computer, tablet, cell phone, or other internet access device?
    Have you insisted on content controls for these tools?
  4. Do you allow your teen to access the internet in a private spot?
  5. Have you ever blocked a website on your teen’s internet usage device?
  6. Does your teen have access to your computer, tablet, cell phone, or other internet access device?
  7. How about your passwords? Are they auto-fills, or do you have to type them in?

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