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Personal Space and Teenagers: Friends

Teens’ choices of friends can put parents in frenzies. How do you feel about your teen’s friends?

  1. How well do you feel you know your teen’s friends?
  2. Do you visit with his or her friends, when they are in your home?
  3. Have you met your teen’s friends’ parents?
  4. Do you insist on meeting your teen’s friends before they go out together?
  5. Is your teen allowed to date?
  6. In groups, solo, or both?
  7. Do you meet prospective boyfriends’ or girlfriends’ parents before you allow your teen to go out with them?
  8. Have you ever disliked any of your teen’s friends? Why?
  9. What did you do about it?
  10. Have you ever forbade your teen to associate with any of his or her friends?
  11. What happened, if you did?

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