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Personal Space and Teenagers: TV

Television, movies, and video games capture tons of time for many teenagers. Maybe that’s largely why they become the stuff of so much family controversy. OK, perhaps the ever-increasing gore, obscenity, and violence have something to do with that.

In any case, the world of video raises lots of questions for parents of teens.

  1. Do you have cable tv, satellite tv, or wifi in your home? Have you installed any parental controls on this?
  2. Does your teen have a TV, video recorder, video game console, DVD player, or similar device in his or her own bedroom?
  3. How about in a secluded spot in your home?
  4. Or a personal device with these capabilities?
  5. Is he or she allowed to use this in isolation or only under supervision?
  6. Do you know what programs, applications, or access his or her devices contain?
  7. Have you ever restricted the use of such devices for disciplinary purposes?
  8. What would you do (or what did you do), if you discovered activity or content that you found offensive, dangerous, or otherwise troublesome?

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