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Personal Space and Teenagers: Laundry

As teens take on increasingly adult responsibilities, many parents may expect them to take care of their own belongings, if they haven’t started doing so long beforehand.

Laundry, of course, can bring up plenty of questions to iron out.

  1. Does your teen do his or her own laundry?
  2. If so, at what age did he or she start?
  3. Does your teen know how to mend, hem, or repair clothing that needs it?
  4. What do you do, if you find your teen’s clothes all around the house?
  5. Do you allow your teen to wear crumpled (or even dirty) clothes to school, if he or she failed to launder and put them away properly?
  6. Have you ever picked up your teen’s clothes and put them away properly, simply because you couldn’t stand to find them all over?
  7. If you did do your teen’s laundry, what would you do after finding something inappropriate, illegal, racy, suggestive, or otherwise alarming in a garment pocket or his or her laundry pile?

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