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Personal Space and Teenagers: Spending

How much financial oversight should parents do, when it comes to teens and their own money? Surely, families come to different sorts of agreements on this matter. But plenty of questions may arise.

  1. Does your teen earn his or her own money? What happens to it?
  2. Do you require your teen to budget and save some of his or her earnings?
  3. If your teen receives money as a gift, such as for a birthday or holiday, do you insist he or she puts some of it into a bank account or other savings spot?
  4. Does your teen receive an allowance at home?
  5. Do you pay him or her for completing special chores or projects?
  6. Do you know roughly how much money your teen possesses at any given time?
  7. Does your teen have a checkbook? How about a debit card?
  8. Have you ever questioned significant purchases your teen has made?
  9. What would you do, if you discovered your teen had a sudden windfall, but could not explain the source of it?
  10. Are you confident that your teen can be responsible with his or her own money?

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