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Tardy Trowel

Tardy Trowel
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

T is for Trowel … and Tardy … and Tulips … and Terrible Temperatures!

My trowel is tardy.

Late April in the American Midwest is a truly tantalizing entwining of winter and summer. Honestly, spring is elusive!

Last week, we went from 74 degrees to snow overnight.

My garden is calling.

Buried in paperwork, I peek out my office window to see a robust robin, sitting on the sill and peeking in. I pause, just long enough to see her fly back to work. And so must I.

Across the yard, perhaps better described as several steps of slush and miry mud, stands the garden shed. Inside the shed, my treasured tools hang in neat rows, ready to spring into action.

My tulips are bravely peeking from their leaves, beckoning our annual crew of bunnies to take a bite or two. Yep, the rabbits breed under the garden shed, which is actually a restored chicken coop from a farm outside Madison, Wisconsin.

Blades of irises are spiking upwards in each bed, surrounded by soft Columbine leaves. Daylilies are doing their darndest as well. Perhaps the promise is yet alive.

Have faith. Spring is coming.

Flurries will soon fail. April showers may actually bring May flowers. The school year will draw to a close. And summer will draw near.

In the meantime, I’m keeping my flannels and fleeces close at hand and pulling on two pairs of socks with my muck boots.

Pass me that garden trowel, would you?

Tulips photo by Sarah Stierch
Creative Commons Licensing


  1. Wonderful post and those are beautiful tulips!

  2. I forgot to add, I am so jealous of how far ahead you are. ;-0

  3. prehaps I might get out my trowel this week...

  4. You promise? It's snowing where I'm at right now. *sigh*

  5. We have been out in the garden a lot this past 2 weeks, digging up weeds and especially trying to dig up dandelions before the flowers go to seed.

    It's been a wonderful warm sunny week in the UK, and the garden is coming along nicely.

  6. I'm waiting for my trees to bloom. I have no idea what they are, but every Spring they blossom with beautiful fragrant flowers, then the flowers fall before summer even starts. Please find my A-Z Challenge here:



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