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Pajamas and Pancakes

Pajamas and Pancakes
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

P is for Pajamas and Pancakes.

It's Saturday. What a wonderful day to enjoy breakfast in your PJs ... or even in bed. Why not curl up with cartoons or the morning newspaper?

Fortuitously, today is National Eggs Benedict Day in the U.S.

Do you love Eggs Benedict as much as I do? Who can resist a deliciously crunch English muffin, topped with a slice of lean ham, a perfectly poached egg and a dollop of Hollandaise sauce?

Eggs Benedict photo by Paul Goyette
Creative Commons Licensing

Sometimes we substitute a slice of American or cheddar cheese for the Hollandaise sauce for a leaner and quicker topping. We’ve even heard of folks adding salmon or Canadian bacon, instead of ham.

Pancakes and Strawberries photo by Joshua
Creative Commons Licensing

Of course, plenty of people prefer pancakes, waffles and other traditional treats for breakfast in PJs. Enjoy breakfast in your PJs on April 16th, if you can!

Pajama Bear photo by MZacha



  1. YUM YUM YUM YUM ...YUM, I say. I had no idea that I should stay in bed with pancakes this morning. Eggs Benedict sounds lovely too.

    I'm still in my PJ's though so I think I'll head back to bed :)

    Thanks for another tasty post and links to tasty treats :)

  2. Perfect! Pajamas and pancakes are so much fun. Livin' the dream! Nice to meet you on the blog challenge.

  3. Mmmm...I wish! Two toddlers wake me up early, but at least I get to enjoy a beautiful day with them. I'm so glad I found your blog. I’m stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  4. Yummy! I like to make homemade pancakes. But I think I'm opting for oatmeal this morning. Bookmarking this to try someone else's recipes besides mine at a later date. :)

  5. My hubby makes Eggs Benedict every now and then and even though the kids are all married and on their own now, when he announces that he's making it, they head over and line up, just like when they were growing up. :O)

    My “O” post:

  6. Oh, I could eat Eggs Benedict 'til they come out my ears. (and thanks for the link back.)

  7. Believe it or not, I've never had Eggs Benedict. The reason is that I don't care for ham. I do like bacon (not Canadian Bacon). Would that work? My latest A-Z Challenge blog is here:

  8. I *love* pancakes!!!! And I love pajamas, LOL! Thanks for the excuse to have them together today. :)

    I'm also blogging through the A to Z Challenge:
    Haiku Corner
    Stay Calm And Carry On



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