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Schedules Seem Scary Sometimes

Schedules Seem Scary Sometime.
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

S is for Scary Schedules.

Returning from an extended weekend trip, covering a major Midwestern equestrian exposition, I unpacked my stuffed suitcase and began sorting through paperwork. I started several loads of laundry and restocked the pantry cupboards.

We made our trek to the stables to stow our saddles and supplies.

Then it happened.

A single phone call transformed my smug satisfaction into sheepishness, as a medical professional revealed that I had missed an early morning appointment. How did that happen? How did I overlook something so important?

Blame overbooking.

Have you ever scheduled too many commitments in a single day? Have you ever skipped a meeting or appointment?

Color me embarrassed.

Sometimes hurrying only leads to scurrying. Perhaps it is easiest to forget when we try to remember too much.

That’s why I like to make to-do lists. Now, where did I put that silly list?

Seriously! Do you ever feel as if your cart may be a bit overloaded, even if all of the contents are abundantly positive?

How easy is it to become a slave to the schedule?

The White Slaves of England
by J. Cobden
Public Domain – copyright expired

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  1. I constantly over-schedule myself. It's a bit of a problem and I usually end up sacrificing sleep to make up for it. Not a good thing.

  2. I can so relate to this. I try to make lists but I still manage to overlook things. I'm pretty good about appointments but I mostly maintain the illusion of seeming like I'm on top of things, even though I'm really not.

  3. I tend to have a lot going on, but only some of it is really optional, and those are often the things that I don't want to give up! :O)

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  4. I used to keep a strict schedule but I've gotten away from that lately.

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