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Oops and Odd Typos

Oops and Odd Typos
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

O is for Oops!

April 15th may be Tax Day in America, but it’s also Rubber Eraser Day. That may be purposeful, or it may simply be ironic.

To mark this odd or outstanding occasion, let’s look at some outlandish typographical errors and misspellings. 

Perhaps someone hasn't done his or her homework:

Well, maybe. And maybe not.

Here's a sign that makes me grateful for a shellfish allergy:

This seafood sign comes from Swick.
 Let's hope this one disappears faster than the McRib ... and doesn't return:

From Groundspeak Portal
 What’s the funniest typo you’ve seen lately? Have you overlooked any of your own?

Oh, no! Perhaps it’s time to proofread … or not.



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