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X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

X is for …

Happy Easter!
Resurrection, by Szymon Czechowicz (1758)
Public Domain - copyright expired

Familiarly, folks often abbreviate the word “Christ,” using the single letter “X.” X-mas (for Christmas) is the most common use of this shortened form.

Traditionalists may frown at this brevity, claiming it indicates a casual attitude towards the Holy One. However, some contend the “X” stands for the cross on which the Savior gave His own life for the sins of the world.

The Chi-Rho, an artistic combination of Greek letters, has historically stood as a sign for Christ. Perhaps the “X” is not as secular as some may suppose.

The cross, of course, is the central symbol of Christianity. Without the cross of Calvary and the ultimate sacrifice of the Lamb of God, there would be no Easter. If Jesus had not died, then His resurrection would not have occurred. And if the Lord had not been resurrected, then the Christian faith would not hold eternal hope.

On Easter, many believers bake and enjoy hot cross buns, with the frosted crosses serving as a reminder of the truth of faith and the miracle of the Messiah. Originating in England, these sticky and sweet home-baked yeast pastries are a perennial Holy Week treat, especially for Easter morning.

Hallelujah. He is risen! He is risen indeed.

Hot Cross Buns photo by Lausanne Morgan, USAF
US Government photo – public domain



  1. Thank you for posting a link to my article and recipe. I just started a blog; Hope you are having a blessed Easter. Jackie

  2. Didn't that old nursery rhyme about hot-cross buns have, "one a penny; two a penny" in it? I've never had hot cross buns. Please find my latest A-Z Challenge here:



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