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What's your favorite magazine genre?

What's your favorite magazine genre?

Maybe it's because I'm a career journalist, but I would guess this sort of thing happens to plenty of folks.

On birthdays and Christmas, I love to receive magazine subscriptions. Sometimes the periodicals people pick are perfect for my reading tastes. Sometimes, well ... it's the thought that counts.

I read all sorts of publications: crafts, fashion, gardening, how-to's, politics, popular interest, religion, sports and more. Just for fun. I took an online quiz on magazine tastes. Here's what it said:
You Are a News Magazine

You are well informed and bright. You feel like you have to know what's going on in the world.

You are savvy and serious. You don't like a lot of fluff or filler in your life.

You are truly curious about people, ideas, and politics. You are very cosmopolitan.

You can usually explain the news to your friends and family members. You have a broad understanding of what's happening.

Harper’s August Digital ID: 1131229. New York Public Library         .
Do you love to read? What sort of magazine just jumps out at you, whenever you visit a newsstand? If you could pick a publication for a gift subscription, what would it be?

With Mother's Day coming up next weekend, wouldn't a sweet subscription be a great gift for Mom?


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  1. I, apparently, am an Entertainment Magazine. That's a fun little quiz, but I don't feel it's accurate! Oh well!



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