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A-Z Garden Tips: Can Coffee Dregs Encourage Geraniums?

OK, it’s a little early in my region for geraniums and most other annual flowers. But I was wondering about this handy sounding tip.

A farmer friend in Ohio told me she routinely dumps the last swig of her morning coffee (by then lukewarm) into her geranium planter on her patio during flower season. And I gotta admit it. Her geraniums are amazing.

Think I might have to try this.

But then, I really prefer tea to coffee. Has anyone tried this with lukewarm tea and geraniums? Is it the caffeine or the actual coffee?

Geraniums, by Andre Engels
Creative Commons Licensing

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1 comment:

  1. I love geraniums! I planted some last year and they did OK. I would love to know if that really works! Although I will have to get someone else luke warm coffee because I'm not a fan either. Found your blog on the A2Z challenge!



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