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A-Z Garden Tips: Shuffling Sun and Shade Stuff

Someone's messing with my patio pots ... and it's not a gopher, vole, or oversized hare.

One of the first things a beginning gardener learns is about plant placement. Even with the simplest annual flowers, it’s all about location.

Some plants prefer lots of direct sunlight, while others shrink away from it. Here are a few examples.

  • Begonias, Bleeding Hearts , Camellias, Impatiens, and Lobelias love full shade.
  • Daisies, Dianthus, Geraniums, Marigolds, and Phlox tend to do well in full sun.
  • Anemones, Bachelor's Buttons, and Poppies often grow best in combination/partial sun and shade.

I like to fill patio pots with colorful flowers each year, balancing the many hues that appear in my garden beds.

Curiously, a garden phantom has been moving my floral pots around. This unnamed patio prowler switches things up almost daily.

My plants don’t like it, and neither do it.

Here’s the thing. The terrace trespasser seems to possess no horticultural know-how, as the pots are rearranged with no thought of sun or shade and how lighting affects the plants.

Somebody stop it!

 by Janet Vickers
Creative Commons Licensing

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  1. I always start our good and with the best intentions with my flowers. Then when the hot Nebraska furnace turns on about late July my beautiful blooms get spindly and weather worn. Since we have had a nice spring here and it has not gone right into summer heat maybe I will have better luck. Nice site and post. Have fun with the rest of the a-to-z! Tracy @



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