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A-Z Garden Tips: Blood Meal Banishes Deer

I never knew what blood meal was until I got into gardening. Now I know it’s not the stuff of gory movies. It’s a valuable horticultural supply.

Dried blood meal can deter deer from eating flowers, vegetables, and other valuable plantings in the garden.

Personally, I prefer to package the blood meal before putting it in my garden. Sure, some people simply sprinkle it all over the soil. Others try to tuck it into the compost or mulch. But a good soaking can wash a lot of the blood meal away.

Instead, I scoop the blood meal intro clean cheap paper coffee filters. Then I gather up the top of each one and close it with a twist tie. I use a second twist tie to attach the little sack of blood meal to a plant or stake in the garden.

Bye-bye deer. You’re pretty from a distance, but my garden is not your private salad bar.

Deer in Garden by MattBuck
Creative Commons Licensing

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