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A-Z Garden Tips: Rejecting Rotten Reserves

Repulsive! A friend just related her tale of garden gross-outs. She and her husband recently relocated to a vintage home with sufficient acreage for growing their own fruits and vegetables. Clearing out the basement in the old house, they found several canning jars, filled with mysterious contents.

Ever game, her husband unscrewed the lid on one of the jars. The odor nearly bowled him over.

The jars were unmarked, so there’s no telling what the contents were – or how long ago they were placed there.

Maybe it’s time to call the HazMat team.

Labeling is essential for home canning. The contents and canning date of each jar should be clearly marked for future reference.

Even the most expertly canned jams, relishes, or other garden bounty doesn’t last forever.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I couldn't imagine opening those cans I would just through them out.



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