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A-Z Garden Tips: Knocking Off Knee Pain

Gardening is great, but all that kneeling and bending and rising can lead to all sorts of aches and pains, particularly as we grow older. Here’s something cool we have found and tried.

Have you seen the Garden Kneeler? This is pretty cool. It’s a simple, but sturdy frame with a foam-filled pad for kneeling and side rails to help with standing up again. Plus, it flips over to make a handy little bench for resting.

For countless years, I have ruined the knees of jeans by kneeling directly in the dirt. And I have crouched on those flat foam garden kneeling pads. I’ve also tried wearing stretchy or strap-on knee pads for gardening.

This thing works a whole lot better. It retails for about $45, and I think it might just be worth it. Let’s see if my knees agree after the spring planting season. Pretty keen!

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