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A-Z Garden Tips: Trowels and Tools

When I first took up gardening, I had no idea. I bought a cheap set of hand tools (a trowel, a mini cultivator/rake and a weeder) and dug into my garden bed. For a while, I didn’t understand why my hands grew sore so quickly.

Then the tools began to bend in the hard clay-soil mix that is so plentiful around here.

Cheap garden tools are no bargain. 

Finally, I sprung for a nice set of hand tools for gardening. I picked the Fiskars 3 Piece Softouch Garden Tool Set, largely because I have had long-term success with Fiskars scissors for sewing.

(I have used The Original Fiskars Orange-Handled Scissors and Fiskars 8 Inch Pinking Shears for many years. Plus I use a Fiskars Paper Trimmer in my office. Gee, it sounds like I work for the company. But I don't.)

I figured their garden tools would be of similar quality.

And they were.

Years later, I am still using the same set of garden tools. I like the comfortably padded contoured handles and the rust-free aluminum blades. In fact, I later bought the Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears for clipping plants and the Fiskars Titanium Micro-Tip Easy Action Scissors for deadheading and picking flowers.

These garden tools cost a little more, but they simply last … and so do my hands.

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