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A-Z Garden Tips: Hostas and Horse Hair

Hosta leaves are popping up all over the shady spots in my yard. Soon, slugs and snails may set their eyes on all that green goodness. They can hardly wait to chew and chomp and destroy all my hostas.

But I am ready, thanks to my horses.

The horses are shedding their winter coats by the bushel. It’s pretty easy to scoop up and save some of that fluffy stuff, so I can spread it around the base of each hosta plant. As the leaves grow and cascade to the ground the horse hair doesn’t even show. But it keeps those garden pests away.

It may even help keep bunnies and deer away. Pretty sure it’s the scent.

I know plenty of people who collect human hair for the same garden pest prevention purpose. One neighbor even asks her stylist to save her some clippings.

By the way, it’s time to divide hostas, as the plants are emerging and before they begin to bud. Dig them up gently, separate them into division clumps, and replant them right away. Watch that garden grow with perennial bounty.

by Andy Mabett
Creative Commons Licensing

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