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A-Z Garden Tips: Milk Crates Minimize Messes

Milk crates are marvelous for garden shed and garage organization. For years, my garden stakes, peony hoops, and tomato cages tangled and toppled and made a mess of my garden supplies.

Not anymore. 

Now these bamboo and wooden poles and wire contraptions stand neatly in an overturned milk crate. These handy garden plant pick-me-ups stay right where I put them. 

The neon orange driveway snowplow markers go in there too.

Phew. That was almost too easy.

OK, we don’t actually steal milk crates. These handy plastic containers may be found online, in certain home organization shops, and in big-box discount stores.

Milk crate photos
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  1. I have to say, my first thought of milk crates were of graduating high school and trolling for milk crates in the back of grocery stores so I could have an end table and storage at college! LOL The ARE so versatile!

  2. I use them to hold file folders! Very versatile item :-)

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