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A-Z Garden Tips: Questioning Quarters

Remember when annual flower seedlings came in six-packs, instead of quarters? Sure, you do. In fact, some garden centers may still sell them that way.

Those handy little six-packs cost less than a dollar – back in the days when we walked uphill to school – both ways – in raging storms.

These days, most sellers offer four-packs for annual flower seedlings. 

If you want to buy impatiens, marigolds, pansies, petunias, or violas to fill up your garden, patio pots or window-boxes, you’ll probably have to buy more than before. The same is true for plenty of herbs and vegetables.

Those tiny cell packs tend to contain four plants now, rather than four.

That means today’s full flat of annuals probably has fewer plants than yesteryear’s flat had. And it probably costs more anyway. So, if we want more color, we have to shell out more green.

Even so, planting days are coming, so we’ll all be lining up to pick up those flats of annuals, even if they’re full of quarters, instead of six-packs..

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