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A-Z Garden Tips: Washing Wizardry

Even with garden gloves, any green thumber’s hands can get muddy and dirty. This is especially true during seed planting, deadheading, and other garden tasks requiring bare fingers.

Personally, I like to rinse off my hands pretty often, while I am gardening. But I don’t like kicking my shoes on and off to tromp into the hands for this purpose.

And I find it somewhat cumbersome to detach and reattach my water sprinklers or garden hose nozzles, just to rinse my hands.

So I have a much more convenient solution for hand washing. I simply recycle an empty laundry detergent bottle with a nozzle. I rinse it out completely and fill it with clean water. Then I keep it on the counter in my potting shed. When I need to rinse off my hands, I stick an empty bucket underneath (to catch any drips and runoff) and have at it.

An old dishtowel is handy for dry-offs.

Then I’m right back to the garden – that quickly.

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