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A-Z Garden Tips: Fighting Frost

A spring frost can harm early plantings in the garden, but it need not, if the gardener takes a few simple precautions.

First, potted plants can be moved to a sheltered spot when a frost is expected, such as overnight or during a sudden wintry storm. A garage, greenhouse, garden shed, or indoors will usually fit the bill till the frost has passed.

Plantings in the ground can be covered to protect them from frost. Nurseries and garden centers offer foam cones and other plant coverings. But simple household items may work equally well. I have used many of these things to tuck in my plants during spring frosts:

  1. brown paper grocery bags
  2. fabric remnants
  3. flour sacks
  4. gift bags
  5. lightweight curtains
  6. paper or reusable fabric shopping bags
  7. pillowcases / sheets
  8. socks
  9. tablecloths
  10. tee shirts

I try to keep old fabric items (as listed above) for this purpose, rather than tossing them out, once they become too frayed or tattered for their original uses.

Some gardeners use plastic dry cleaning bags, garbage bags, sheeting, or shopping bags to protect their outdoor plants from frost. Personally, I prefer coverings that offer some breathability.

It’s important to cover plants gently, being careful to avoid breaking off branches, buds, or leaves. For larger plants, it’s often helpful to place a plant hoop, a tomato cage, or a few garden stakes strategically and drape the covering on top. Be sure to anchor the covering on the ground with some dirt or a few rocks, so it won’t blow away.

Frost doesn’t have to destroy spring plants. And warmer days are coming!

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  1. I'm not the best gardener in the world (understatement) but I'm trying! Thanks for the tips. I will take a look at some of your other posts to see if I can up my home-making skills!



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