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B is for Brushing Up a Bairn's Bedroom

Bellowing parents, be bolstered.

It is possible to enlist a bairn to brush up his or her own bedroom.

Um, what’s a bairn?

Bairn is a Scottish word, meaning son or daughter – you know, those younger sorts, who don’t want to tidy up their rooms?

How can parents encourage kids to clean up their bedrooms?

Here are five simple steps kids can follow to keep their own spaces in shape.

1. Pick up the pieces.

OK, this is the hardest part of bedroom cleaning. However, if children have easy bins or handy baskets to organize toys and school supplies, the pickup stage can be simple.

2. Clean up the closet.

Tossing clutter onto the closet floor does not count as tidying up. At least every couple of weeks, kids can sort through this area to sort clothes and other possessions.

3. Keep bedding simple.

Let’s face it. Fussy linens are a hassle for grownups, so how much harder are they for younger folks? A comfy cartoon comforter or fun juvenile bedding set is simpler to neaten than blankets and a fancy bedspread.

4. Start high.

Give each youngster a feathery telescoping duster, and make it a game to swoop dirt and lint off ledges, shelves, and other surfaces. Tell little helpers to begin at the top, so dust and debris fall downwards, where they will soon vacuum it up.

5. Pour on the power.

Lots of kids actually enjoy vacuuming, if they are allowed to do it with a safe appliance. Even preschoolers can learn to use a portable hand-held cordless vacuum with adult supervision.

Bedroom cleaning is easy, if families stay with it.

Some parents even offer rewards to kids who keep their rooms in tiptop shape, or to those who perform extra- thorough cleanings. And plenty of youngsters are rewarded amply by the long-lost treasures they may recover, right in their own rooms.

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  1. All great advice to get the little ones involved in cleaning their rooms. I have my son make his bed every morning, though it doesn't always look as put together as it should, and also I have him take his dishes to the sink. Important to start them on the right foot.
    Great read. Hope to see more during the Challenge.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  2. Good advice! I'm not one who is comfortable with closing the door to the mess. My kids' bedrooms are part of my house and therefore, I want it clean! I'm pretty easy, though. If they put forth some effort, I help too. Nice post!



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