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V is for the Value of a Vapor Bath

Vapor baths are great ... even for grownups.

Ka-choo! Spring allergy season is here. Along with the airborne pollen, plenty of cold viruses are circulating as well. The crazy temperature fluctuations haven’t helped.

Who’s sneezing, sniffling, or simply stuffed up?

Join the club. I’m popping antihistamines and decongestants about daily. The trouble is, my symptoms pop up long before the next dose is due.

What’s a stopped-up sinus sufferer to do?

Here’s something I found when my oldest kid was tiny. I picked up a bottle of baby vapor bath and squirted it under the tub faucet. Immediately, the bathtub was filled with wonderful aromatic bubbles, and I found my stuffy head clearing.

Now, my kids are old enough to drive. But I still buy vapor bath. Today, vapor mineral bath products are even available for grownups.

The stuff is great for relieving congested sinuses, but it’s also ideal for a quiet and soothing soak.  Just don’t get it in your eyes.

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