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U is for Understanding Underwear and Bra Fittings

Bras are bonuses, but only if they fit properly.

Recently, I attended one of those in-home bra sales parties. Maybe you’ve heard of them. These events are sort of like Tupperware, Mary Kay, or Pampered Chef parties – except that a measuring tape-wielding demonstrator/salesperson is hawking lingerie.

I was pretty much roped into the bra party. But I'm glad I went.
OK, I admit it. I was pretty much roped into the thing.

I was a little leery. But I’m glad I went. I had no idea. After all these years, I was wearing the wrong size of bra.

Here’s what I learned from the bra lady, once I let go of my initial trepidation over being measured in front of a bunch of friends.

1. Even the best bras only last about a year.

Oh, boy. You should have seen my discard bag, after I went home and cleaned out my bra drawer. Guess I’m glad you didn’t. Some of those dingy old dogs should have gone a long time ago.

2. Most ladies routinely put up with ill-fitting bras.
Guys, Take Five! (We're talkin' bras here.)

Every single woman at the bra party I attended wound up changing her bra size.

3. Bra sizes can change dramatically with weight gain or loss.

A 10-pound weight fluctuation can lead to a different brassiere size. I’m banking on that one, having lost a few pounds. For the record, that’s why I went down a letter. Yeah, right.

And that's not exactly the region from which I'd hoped those extra pounds would fall.

4. Many department store lingerie departments offer free bra fitting.

In-store bra experts usually perform this service tactfully in dressing rooms – not right in front of wine-and-cheese-toting friends or coworkers.

5. Bras fit better with proper care.

By the way, bras should never go in the dryer, and it’s a bad idea to hang them up by their straps to dry after laundering them. It’s also bad to hook a traditional bra in the front and then yank it around to slip into the cups and straps.

Never knew I’d been putting on bras wrong since my teen years. Gee, all I needed was a little foundational expertise … and support.
Measuring Tape by Jeltovski – MorgueFile
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  1. Oh really? They only last a year? Guess I'll be emptying and restocking my drawer this weekend!

    Inane Ramblings

  2. Yeah, I knew most ladies wore the wrong size. When I was fitted at Victoria's Secret 10 years ago, the woman was rather insistent at measuring me. I told her it wasn't necessary. She said she was willing to bet I wore the wrong size, most older women do. She was wrong...I actually had the right size, though she assured me that most unusual. However, 1 year.....are you kiddie with what those things cost! Heck, mine don't even get wear...I'm very small. I don't put in the got that part right, but do hang up by the strap...who has room to lay them out. And as we age, who's flexible enough to hook it behind them, not me. Nice post. A-Z



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