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S is for Scrubbing and Soaking Swimsuits

S is for Scrubbing and Soaking Swimsuits

Summer swimsuit season is coming. Who’s scared?

Maybe we love the warm weather, but many folks are a bit leery of slipping into a swimsuit for the first time of the season. We’re still working on weight loss from the winter, and we haven’t yet achieved a summery golden glow, either.

Still, we muscle up and do what we must.

We plunge into the pond or pool. Pretty soon, no one seems to notice what we look like – not even us.

But what sort of beatings are those swimsuits taking?

Sand, salt water, sunscreen and tanning products, sweat, and pool or spa chemicals can be rough on men's or women's swimsuit fabrics. It’s important to take care of these garments, to keep colors bright and stretchy parts stretchy.

 How do you take care of a swimsuit?

Here are five tips for lengthening the life of your favorite swimsuit.

1. Change into real clothes after swimming.

Sure, we all enjoy those long summer days at the beach or pool. It’s easy to slip a robe, sundress, cover-up, or pair of shorts over a still damp bathing suit. Once in a while, that’s no big deal. Habitually wearing a wet swimsuit for hours on end can add to the wear-and-tear of the suit, while possibly causing some not-so-pretty medical problems as well.

2. Rinse out that swimsuit as soon as you take it off.

A quick rinse, at the very least, helps to keep swimwear in top condition.

3. Read the label for laundering instructions.

Many people wash their bathing suits or board shorts after each use. Others may rinse them out, hang them up, and wear them again. Eventually, however, swimwear needs washing. Each garment should have a sewn-in tag with washing instructions. Generally, hot water is a no-no, although warm water may be alright for some suits.

4. Use mild soap or detergent.

Hand-washing is almost always safe for swimwear, particularly with a gentle soap. Bleach is always bad for bathing suits. Did you pick a white swimsuit this year? Keep it clean. Most stain removal products are too harsh for use on swimwear.

5. Never put a swimsuit in the dryer.

Bathing suits are designed to dry quickly, and it’s simple to hang them up on a clothesline, over a railing, or in the shower. An automatic dryer, even on lower settings, is risky. Hand-held hairdryers can scorch or melt swimwear as well.

After all, you may have searched six stores and tried on 15 different bathing suits before coughing up big bucks for that sweet bikini, marvelous maillot, or trendy tankini. You can bet you’d like to wear it for at least one season.

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  1. Nice pointers! I didn't know swimsuits should not be placed in the dryer.
    Happy blogging the rest of the way to Z!

  2. Ugh...thanks for the reminder about swim-suit season's approach. These tips are great, though! Thanks! I, too, did not know you shouldn't put swimwear in the dryer.
    A fellow A-Z'er,

  3. JUst dropping in from the A to z challenge. I don't swin that often but it never really occured to me that I should take proper care of my swimsuit. Nice tips.



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