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R is for Recycling Resilient Reads

R is for Recycling Resilient Reads

Book lovers know the bittersweet feeling that creeps into one’s soul, once the final page of a fabulous read has been turned. We love to fly to the finish, but then we feel a strange sense of loss.

Although electronic books and downloads are growing increasingly popular, with folks picking up tablets for reading, traditional paper-paged books still abound.

What do you do with your favorite books, once you have finished reading them?

Do you stick them on a shelf, donate them to the local library, sell them online, leave them behind somewhere, or pass them along?

Here’s a fun idea for bibliophiles and friends.

Why not have a book trading party?

It’s kind of like a clothing swap or a cookie exchange , but with books. You simply invite a bunch of book-loving friends to come on over (or meet at the coffee shop, perhaps) and bring a couple of pre-read favorites. Pick a reading genre (biography, drama, mysteries, romance), if you wish.

Then you set all the books out on a table, so everyone can peruse them and pick the ones they want.

Or create a long-distance book swap circle.

Just gather a few avid readers, and make a list of email and regular mailing addresses. Send out an email with basic ground rules and a list of all participants (and addresses).  Instruct each individual to send a book they’ve read and enjoyed to the next person on the list. Make sure to tell everyone to sign the books before they send them.

Include a deadline (maybe two or three weeks), and tell all the players to sign and pass the books along by that date. Keep it going until everyone in the book swap circle has read all of the participants’ pass-along books, and then donate the well-read volumes to local libraries or charities.

Isn’t that easy?

It’s great. It’s green. It’s fun. And you may just find a few intriguing books to read … and pass along again.

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  1. This is a great idea! I usually hoard my old books, thinking I will read them again (and sometimes actually reading them again). This would be a difficult exercise for me but it would be good for my well being. Great post. Stopping by from in the A to Z challenge!

  2. I need to read more. I usually donate books after I've read them. My boys' schools have a book fair and always needs books. I like the idea of a book swap. I went to a clothing swap a few months back and it was great!

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