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T is for Tidy Tablecloths

A neat tablecloth can quickly dress up your table for casual or formal dining. But what happens when you pull a clean tablecloth from your linen closet, dining room hutch, or a storage bin and find wrinkles and deeply embedded creases from long-ago folding?

Sure, you could pull out the steam iron and hope the heat and moisture don’t damage the fabric. Maybe you can iron out those wrinkles and folds.

But wouldn’t you rather save the time and trouble?

You can try these three tips for keeping tablecloths tidy.

These easy time-tried tablecloth tricks really do work.

Roll ‘em.

Don’t toss out those cardboard tubes when you use up the end of a roll of wrapping paper. Save them for rolling clean tablecloths and table runners. The process may take a couple of folds, but the stiffness of the cardboard will prevent extra creases and bends.

For long-term storage, you can cover rolled tablecloths with a layer or two of plastic wrap or leftover dry cleaning plastic. 

Hang ‘em.

Take a tip from professional dry cleaners. Heavy-duty clothes hangers are super for storing tablecloths.

Why not hang your tablecloths in the coat closet, so they are handy when you need them?

Put ‘em back.

Fresh from the dryer or clothesline, that favorite everyday tablecloth can go right back on the table. Unless it’s gauze, silk, or wrinkly cotton, it may need no ironing at all.

A tidy tablecloth need not be toilsome.

Tablecloth by Ideco
Creative Commons Licensing

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  1. oh, I love the look of tablecloths! the ironing-- not so much.......

    stopping by from a to z.




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