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N is for No-Call List and Unwanted Phone Calls

Don’t we just hate those unexpected, untimely, unsolicited phone calls from sellers and scams? To add insult to injury, scammers now call us to offer to put us on no-call lists, supposedly to prevent such calls from bothering us.

Don’t fall for these ploys.

It’s easy (and free) to add your own phone numbers (both land-lines and cell phones) to the official national no-call list.

Beware, phony phoners. We’re onto you.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in conjunction with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), established the Do-Not-Call Registry several years ago. The consumer sign-up is simple.

How do you enter your own phone numbers in the Do-Not-Call Registry?

Using the actual phone line you intend to register (either cell or land-line), you simply call the toll-free number (listed below). Your number will remain on the list indefinitely, until you either discontinue service on that phone line or call to remove it from the registry.

Here are the numbers for the national Do-Not-Call Registry.

Toll-free: 1-888-382-1222
TTY: 1-866-290-4236
Online registration is also possible.

It may take up to 31 days for telemarketing and other unsolicited commercial calls to stop, once you have registered.
This service is free.

If anyone tries to charge you for the do-not-call service, you can know it is a scam. Also, any claims that numbers must be re-registered are false, as registration is permanent (unless you choose to remove your number from the registry or disconnect that number's phone service, as specified above).

Does the Do-Not-Call Registry block all unwanted calls?

The Do-Not-Call Registry does not prevent you from receiving calls from personal contacts, tax-exempt non-profits (such as charitable organizations), or your existing contacts. The service is aimed at preventing commercial calls. Businesses are required to check the listing monthly and are not allowed to telephone the numbers on the roster.

The registry does not stop personal calls, either. Many have wrongly assumed this service could prevent stalkers, harassers, or other bothersome callers. It cannot. Legal actions, such as restraining orders, may be applicable in such cases.

Additionally, many folks choose to add Caller ID capabilities to their cell and land-line phone services. Telemarketers are legally obligated to provide this information when calling, as they are prohibited from blocking their numbers.

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National Do-Not-Call Registry
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  1. Wow, very useful! Thanks! :D
    Happy A to Z!

  2. thanks for the information.
    I just wish that the telemarketers would honor the list. It's better than no list at all, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

  3. Good info! I live in Canada and we have the same thing however it doesn't always stop them from calling. Useful to be on the list as there are way less calls. Thanks. Wendy UBC

  4. Yet another blog of yours! What a great post for the letter N.

  5. I really should do this. I cannot stand getting sales calls.



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