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O is for Outside, Oh Yeah!

O is for Outside, Oh Yeah!

OK, it’s the third week of April, and I’m itching to be outside. Maybe you are too.

Here in the Upper Midwest, the mercury is rising to a whopping 44 today. The five-day weather forecast calls for a drizzling snowy mix. And I’m headed for a three-day expo, mostly outdoors.
Hello, spring.

I’m packing my winter coat, which I’d hoped to pack away for the season. Nah, I know better than that.

We can pretty much count on one short-lived blizzard in mid-April around here.

It usually blows in suddenly, right around the time I swap out my closet. By the time I’ve bundled up my bulkiest sweaters and carried them to the basement, returning with an armful of tank tops, Old Man Winter begins his last roar.

But I won’t carp. The best days are coming.

Next week, the sun will shine, and we’ll stow those heavy jackets. We’ll stash all our fuzzy hats, scarves, mittens, and fleeces. And, before we know it, we’ll brave the great outdoors in tee shirts and shorts, letting the whole world see our winter-white arms and legs.

Bikers, joggers, and power-walkers will soon line our streets. Count me in.

I’m training for a 5K. 

That may not sound like a lot, and I have days where I’m pretty sure I can manage it. Other days, the mailbox seems like a stretch. Maybe you know the feeling.

But I’m gonna do it. By golly, it’s spring.

Oh, boy. Or maybe, “Oh, no!”

Hello, Spring
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  1. I love this time of year!! Everything comes back to life and I don't have to wear a coat!! HUZZAH!


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

  2. We started running 5Ks as a family last September. We have done around 8 so far. Youngest and I are training for a 10K this September. Our first was going to be in May, but the doctor wants me to back off a bit since discovering that the ENTIRE time I have had planar facitus and heel spurs. Yippie. That and I am doing the breast cancer 60 mile walk in July... can't risk that.

    My best advice... stopping is all in your head. Your legs will not give out. You heart will not give out. And when you are faced with a big hill, keep your head down and just keep going. You will get there.

    Good luck!!

    Here from A-Z



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