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Z is for Zipping to the Zoo

Spring doesn’t official arrive, according to our family, until the zoo opens.

And it has. We're past the beastly winter and on into glorious warm-weather days, when we can stroll through the zoo and visit a host of wonderful wild creatures.

The first zoo trip of the year is an annual highlight. 

Usually, it’s a little brisk out, so we bundle up. We don’t mind, because the cooler weather tends to make the zoo animals considerably more animated than usual.
Keeping Up with the King of the Beasts

Now that we have grandchildren (OK, now that he has grandchildren. Well, I guess I can say that they're my grandkids too, even if their parents were wedding presents.), we have another excuse (as if we needed one) to visit the zoo. We even have annual passes, which we never had with our own kids.

The zoo brings out the beast in all of us, but in a good way.

Within a few minutes, the grownups among us forget our adulthood, joining the kids in their crowing and crazy antics.

Hanging Out with the Kangaroos
We peek at the monkeys and peer at the penguins. We howl at the wolves, wave to the wallabies, joke about the giraffes, and roar with the lions. We strut like the storks, lumber like the hippos, laugh at the llamas, and honk with the elephants.

One of these days, the zookeepers will probably have to kick us out - or lock us up and start feeding us. 

Maybe you know the feeling.

Making Merry with the Meerkats
What’s your favorite zoo animal?

Do you run straight for the reptile house, poke around the petting zoo, walk right to the wildlife area, or make a beeline for the bird sanctuary?

Happy zoo days – another great reason to get outdoors.


Photos by Linda Ann Nickerson

Nickers and Ink

All rights reserved.

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  1. Perhaps I am the odd woman out. I have never enjoyed zoo visits, even as a child. It has been more than a decade since I last visited the zoo...maybe time to visit to see if I still feel the same.

    Rachel recently posted Become a Success Magnet

  2. What great fun, Linda, to have such a marvelous time monkeying around at the zoo with your grandchildren. It's definitely something I would do with my friends - no need to have children along. That's how we roll. ;-)
    My favorite zoo animal? The giraffe. It's an herbivore, just like I am. Also, I just love their long necks and gentle, long-lashed eyes. :-)
    Congratulations on completing the A to Z Challenge, too! Peace.

  3. What a great tradition to welcome Spring! I like seeing any animals of great size at the zoo, giraffes, elephants, lions. Congratulations on completing the A-Z challenge!

  4. Just wanted to let you know I've listed my 26 favorite blogs from the Challenge including yours. Stop by and see.



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