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K is for Keeping Up with Birthdays for Kids and Adults

Birthdays creep up on us each year, particularly the milestones of our many social networking contacts, if we are active internet participants.

How can you keep up with all of these happy occasions?

Most social networking sites notify users of the birthdays of friends and contacts. That makes it pretty simple to tap out a few salutations and best wishes.

Some sites offer the option of sending real or virtual birthday gifts as well. But most of these cost money. In the very least, these choices tend to require the accumulation of online gaming points, share credits, or referrals.

Yes, there’s a much easier solution to fun online birthday salutations.

Sure, plenty of birthday graphics and meme images may be available. But plenty of these come with page marketing and affiliation hitches, if not potentially more sinister attachments. Why risk your computer system, identity security, or other valuables?

Here’s a super-simple way to send colorful and fun birthday greetings to online friends.

Stop in and see the Holidays Examiner – Madison and More page on Facebook. There, you can find hundreds of free birthday graphics. If you “like” the page, you can choose the greetings you like, and “share” them easily with your Facebook friends.

I created many of these images myself. Others are adapted from public domain or royalty-free artwork. So there’s not risk in using them.

Happy birthday, all around!

Miscellaneous birthday greetings –
Created by this user
Or public domain artwork

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  1. Thanks for this great resource. I am off to visit and like the page.

  2. Awesome! Thank you for the resource. It’s nice that if you’re in Facebook that you can stay in it without having to copy and paste codes from one site to another. Most of my birthday and other greetings and wishes are done on FB anyway. I’ll have to check out the page. Thank you
    ~ Jodene

  3. Sounds cool - I am headed over to check that site out!
    Thanks - Carrie



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