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L is for Lamenting over Lingering Laundry

L is for Lamenting over Lingering Laundry

Alas, it’s the weekend. OK, I love weekends as much as anybody else. But the onset of the weekend means it’s time to address the ever-present laundry situation.
Teenagers in the house.

You get it. Lots of laundry.
Sometimes I wonder if dirty laundry is somehow genetically related to rabbits, multiplying fast enough to send any rational person’s head a-whirl.

So here we are on any given weekend, fighting for our turns with the washer and dryer.

Yes, I’m abundantly grateful that we have these marvelous automated laundry appliances conveniently installed in our family home. My college and early career days may have tumbled into dusty memories, but I still recall trying to read stuffy textbooks in crowded public Laundromats.

I appreciate the fact that our laundry equipment actually works. We’ve had plenty of washer and dryer machinery mishaps before.

And I am pleased beyond measure that the tide has turned. (OK, that was a bad one.) My kids are capable of tackling their own wash loads, even if they don’t always follow through on laundry they start.

Have you ever tried to start a load of laundry, only to find a long-standing damp load in the washer? 

So much for economizing on electricity and laundry detergent or conserving water. That laundry load has to re-run.

How about finding a big pile of clothing left in the dryer, all crumpled and sad looking?

I heard a sweet solution for that problem. Dampen a clean bath towel with fresh tap water, and toss it into the dryer with the rumpled items. Run the dryer, and watch the wrinkles disappear.

Gee. I wonder if that would work with the pile of wrinkled items in my ironing basket.

Bing! Sounds like another laundry load is ready to fold.
Doing the Family Laundry
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  1. I always forget about the damp towel in wrinkled laundry trick. It really does work! And it would be excellent if it worked on the pile of clothes I sit down next to the ironing board.

    What would really be nice is self-cleaning clothing. I wonder why no genius has ever come up with that.

  2. Good to know about the damp towel - I hadn't heard that. It's just me and one teenager but we seem to generate a lot of laundry. He was somewhere with a bonfire last night and has brought back a lot of smoky clothes so there is plenty to be done! Although I am lucky I don't have to get all my washing done at the weekend, as I don't have a defined working week and he is home educated. On the other hand it means we are more likely to leave it all until we run out of socks! Thanks for an interesting and amusing post.

  3. Laundry is never ending here, too. And with the cloth diapers, it's a daily, never ending, thing. My mom says it gets better when the kids all grow up and move out! LOL

  4. Like the damp towel in the wrinkled dryer trick because I always forget that load. Will be experimenting this week! Thanks, Wendy UBC

  5. Hah! Laundry! Even as empty nesters the laundry never ends!
    Enjoy the rest of A-Z

  6. Yes to both of your bold print questions. We replaced our dryer, not because it was broken but because our washer broke and we bought a new energy efficient set on sale. We removed the dryer and a few months later a friend asked if she could have our old clunky dryer. It had a load of clean towels in it!

    Come check out my A to Z! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again



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