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C’mon, Cantaloupe!

Here’s a trick question. Use your melon, and try to figure it out.

Q: Why don’t musk melons get married?

A: Because they cantaloupe.

Probably the most popular melon in the United States, the sweet cantaloupe is a fruit salad staple. It’s also commonly known as the musk melon or the rock melon. And it’s delicious!

How can you pick the best fresh cantaloupe?

  1. The cantaloupe should smell slightly sweet.
  2. It should be light tan in color and not too green.
  3. A good cantaloupe will not have dents, puncture holes, or big bruises.
  4. The soft spot on the blossom end should be slightly soft, but not mushy.
  5. When you shake the cantaloupe, you should be able to hear the faint sound of its seeds rattling inside.

It’s OK to pick a softer cantaloupe, if you will cut and serve it immediately/ Choose a firmer one, if you plan to save it for future use.

Never buy a cantaloupe with bugs swarming around it, of course. This might indicate a leak or rotten portion. Or it could simply point to an unclean vendor spot.

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