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Zwieback is a spitback.

Remember zwieback toast? Parents may call this a throwback, as it evokes memories of a long-time traditional early finger food for a toddler.
As such, zwieback has often been a throwback in more ways than one.

This crunchy cookie-like snack, which really resembles something like biscotti for babies or melba toast for mini munchers, quickly disintegrates into a gucky, muck, mushy, sticky mess in the hands of a drooling youngster.

For generations, moms and dads have offered zwieback strips to little ones during teething times. 

Zwieback must be good for gnawing.

But, as any veteran parent can attest, zwieback often ends up on the floor, on clothing, and in between pudgy little fingers. In a flash, it’s in Mom’s or Dad’s or big sibling’s hair too.

Zwieack may be a fine finger food, but its status as friend or foe for families is still uncertain.

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