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Grapefruit is great.

Good golly, grapefruit is good.

When it comes to grapefruit, I generally go for the ruby red variety. I also like pink grafefruit. OK, I will occasionally eat the white kind, but it’s not my first choice.

And I almost always have a bottle of  ruby red grapefruit juice in my refrigerator. It’s just so refreshing, even if it doesn’t go too well with a lot of other tastes.

But I’ve gotta have it.

I keep grapefruit chilled in the fridge until I’m ready to dig into it. And I like it best the old-fashioned way: cut in half and eaten right out of the fruit itself. I nearly never peel and eat grapefruit like an orange or tangerine.

Some folks do, but not me.

I don’t use those special serrated grapefruit spoons. And I don’t have a grapefruit knife. I just grab a paring knife from the drawer.

What’s more, I don’t usually stick half a grapefruit into a storage container. I’m likely to wipe out both halves in a single sitting.

And I rarely pick up those little pre-packaged grapefruit segments cups. I like the real thing best.

Keep the grapes. 

I don’t like ‘em anyway. But give me grapefruit, and I’ll be grateful.

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  1. Supposedly it helps with metabolism somehow, too.

  2. I love grapes, but fresh grapefruit literally makes me gag. It's so bitter, my whole mouth actually feels pain. Now, I like the flavor without the bitterness, so sweet grapefruit drinks are some of my favorites... but I don't drink them often because I try to limit my sugar intake. :)

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