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Yellow cake can be even yummier. Three top tastes!

Yellow cake is a perennial party pleaser. But a few simple additions and twists can make this nearly universal favorite even more special.

First, yellow cake isn’t really yellow. It’s more golden in color.

Try these three delicious variations for yellow cake.

Even a cake baked from a boxed mix can taste bakery-special with an extra bit of creativity and flair. And a white cake works just as well for these delicious baked dessert choices.

Start by baking a two-layer round cake. Then try these fun variations.

1. Berry-Filled Cake

Spread your favorite berry jam on the bottom  layer. Add the top layer, and top it with vanilla,  chocolate or whipped cream frosting. Garnish the cake with fresh berries (or even chocolate shavings) if desired.

2. Boston Cream Pie Cake

Slather vanilla pudding on the bottom layer of the cake. Place the next layer over it, and finish with chocolate fudge frosting. Be sure to keep this cake chilled.

3. Peach Pie Cake

Cover the bottom cake layer with peach pie filling. Put on the second layer, and complete the cake with vanilla or whipped cream frosting. Slice a fresh peace, and arrange the pieces on the top.

Try this option with cherry pie filling, if you wish, and add a few cherries on top.

Who’s yodeling for yellow cake now?

Oh, yes.

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