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Ketchup is king.

Ketchup is not a condiment in our house. Seriously, it’s practically a main dish, or perhaps a beverage.

I swear certain family members would sip ketchup with a straw, if we let them. My kids are keen for ketchup.

I cannot count how many visitors have made seemingly funny remarks, such as:

  • “Have a few fries with all that ketchup, would ya?”
  • “I’d like to eat my meatloaf, but I can’t ‘ketchup’ with you.”
  • “Would you like your own bottle of ketchup over there?”

We’ve pretty much heard it all, when it comes to ketchup quips.

We’re the crew that always asks for extra ketchup in restaurants.

We request burgers with ketchup only. Hey, who needs mayonnaise, mustard, pickle relish, or special sauce – when you can drown food in all that tomato deliciousness?

Yep, ketchup is king around here.

It’s one item that is always on the grocery list – no matter how recently we’ve been to the store.

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  1. I do like ketchup, but definitely not as a main dish. :)

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