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Roe is repugnant

Call it caviar, if you prefer. Go ahead. Label it a delicacy, and stick a sky-high price tag on it.

You can keep it.

Maybe the jet-set gobble the stuff up. But I’ll have none of it. The mere thought makes me recoil and retch.

I find raw fish eggs disgusting.

Dig in. Help yourself. You can have it all.

In fact, if you relish roe, you might explore these examples:

Knock yourself out with all the caviar you can eat. Personally, I think roe is repugnant.

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  1. Hi Linda.
    Yet another piece for the day!
    Good to know about this and
    Thanks a lot for the connected links
    Have a good day

  2. Hehe, I do actually like them... along with other raw fish products. :)

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