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Water is wellness.

Well, maybe this is a no-brainer. Water is a wellspring of wonder for wellness.

We knew that.

Still, knowing it and practicing it may equal wildly different things.

Wow, have I experienced this firsthand, since I began running regularly. Dehydration can strike suddenly, and it is a scary thing.

If I plan to run more than three miles on a comfortable day, or at all on a hot and humid day, I carry water with me. Yep, I’m the geeky one out there with a big bouncing water bottle tucked in a pack strapped around my waist.

I don’t care how it looks. I’m sipping as I stride. I may even spill a few swigs on my shirt. But I’m staying healthy on the road.

Still, bottled water can be wreckful.

Yesterday, I tossed out a half-empty (or half-full) bottle of water at a horse show, simply because it was warm. Nope, I wasn’t being picky. But the plastic water bottle had been sitting in my car for a few hours on a warm, sunny day.

We’ve been warned.

Apparently, harmful and possibly carcinogenic chemicals can seep into bottled water, if it is allowed to freeze or warm up.

It wasn’t worthwhile to risk it – for a few sips.

So I stepped up to the snack bar and anted up for a fresh bottle of water. Why not?

Usually, I fill my own reusable sports bottles. My favorites are made of stainless steel. They wash up well and stay pretty cold.

And that works for me.

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  1. Hi from the A to Z challenge! I recently got a water filter that goes on the faucet, and I absolutely love it. The convenience is fantastic. Water is far too under-appreciated.

  2. I try to avoid bottled water as much as possible, and only use them if I'm traveling.

    Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2014, My Latest post

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z



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