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Quinoa is quirky.

Quinoa is a little quirky, but I think I like it. 

I tried quinoa for the first time this week. I dropped in on one of my brothers, and he whipped up a wonderful supper in his home. He cooked up some yummy baked tilapia, accompanied by quinoa and fresh steamed spinach.

It was, without question, delicious.

But what in the world is quinoa?

I had to ask.  Quinoa is a nutty-textured grain, and it’s super healthy. Gluten-free, quinoa contains tons of protein, iron, and fiber.

Pronounced KEEN-WAH, quinoa is originally from Africa. Most often, quinoa is boiled in a saucepan, sort of like whole-grain rice. It soaks up the water and eventually softens a bit. 

Then various seasonings and toss-in vegetables (or even meat) may be added.

Quinoa is not a quick dish, but it’s pretty tasty, once prepared. And it’s almost always organic.

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  1. I like the stuff, but only in moderation. I usually do a variety... I still eat rice. :) I've cut out gluten for the most part (although not completely).

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