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Sushi is sickening

 Do you savor sushi? I simply cannot stomach the stuff. Sure, it’s a delicacy, sort of like roe / caviar (See yesterday’s post.).

Sure, maybe I’m not a super sport of seafood, across the board.

But I love salmon, Dover sole, swordfish, and several other varieties of swimming sorts.

I just can’t stand sushi.

Yes, I see it’s something of an art form, when it comes to food presentation. Maybe sushi really is more visual  than victual, anyway.

It’s not for beginners, especially when it comes to slinging those sharp knives in the kitchen. Sushi takes a certain skill.

But I still don’t like it. Even the vegetarian sushi still smells somehow fishy to me.

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  1. I agree Sushi isn't for beginners. I've watched my husband make it. And I didn't think I would ever like it either until he made it for us. He made mine vegetarian since I'm not fond of seafood or raw seafood. I'm wondering if the "fishy" taste is the seaweed wrap. Maybe there's an alternative to the wrap?

    Carey from abundance in the boondocks
    Visiting from A to Z Challenge

  2. I could eat sushi forever and never get fed up with it. Mmmm, delicious.



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