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Devouring DreamSicles

Do you delight in DreamSicles? Maybe you know them as CreamSicles. Either way, these fruity dairy treats are a perennial favorite.

Basically, a DreamSicle is made up of orange sherbet, wrapped around vanilla ice cream. It may be ice milk. But oh, boy. What a warm-weather wonder.

It’s funny how a particular treat can evoke childhood memories.

These popsicles/frozen dairy bars make me think of summer days at the beach, when the ice cream truck would jingle its way down the bumpy shoreline road. Its merry tune would summon kids to leave the surf and come running.

Back then, a DreamSicle on a stick probably cost a quarter. Now, I have no idea.

In the off-season, we like to make DreamSicle frappes.

These are super simple. Just fill a tall glass or mug with vanilla ice cream, and pour orange soda over it.


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  1. Oh good lord, now I want one. Haven't eating one in years, but those were the absolute best treats as a kid! Happy A to Z!

  2. You just made me remember my father's creamsicle drinks he would make with orange sherbert. mmmmm Stopping by from A to Z.

    Thanks for writing!

  3. Funny how they're called both cremesicles and dreamsicles-- oh how good they are!!!

  4. You definitely brought back some memories for me. I never thought of making my own, but that's a great idea!

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