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Mint’s gone mad!

Mint is marvelous. Most multitudes may agree.

But in my garden, mint is a monstrosity.

Hoping to harvest a few leaves of fresh mint to garnish iced tea and some favorite dessert dishes, I tried planting some peppermint in my home garden a few years ago. I bought one tiny cell flat at the local nursery, and plunked it into a bed on one side of the house.

Oh, my. Within a month or so, mint was popping up everywhere.

I tugged and dug and pulled out more mint than I could measure. It sprung up all over. The next year, it returned with a vengeance. I found mint growing in a bed on the other side of the house.

Mint seems to have a mind of its own.

Later, I mentioned the mint mayhem to a master gardener, who patiently explained that mint may be planted in an empty coffee can, buried to its opening in the garden. That prevents the roots from burrowing all over and spreading the aggressive vegetarian throughout the Tri-State area.

“Now you tell me!”

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  1. And we were going to plant mint this year! So glad we didn't now because of the small space we live in. I didn't know mint grew so well. :D

  2. I absolutely love fresh mint from my own garden! I use it many ways, but one of my favorites is a homemade Strawberry-Ginger-Mint Tea! YUM!! :)

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