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Neapolitan is nasty … or not.

Now, now. I know I noted ice cream on I-Day. And I love many flavors, making ice cream worth revisiting. But I gotta say it. This ice cream lover is no fan of Neapolitan.

This trio of flavors always leads to a mess – and food wasting – when it shows up in my house.

Sure, everyone goes gaga over the chocolate and vanilla. But no one likes the strawberry part.

Maybe it’s all those stories (be they urban legends or not) about gross pink goo in foods. It could be that no one really likes strawberry ice cream around here.

In Neapolitan ice cream, the pink stuff always seems to mix its way into the REAL ice cream flavors. Then no one wants to eat those, either.

And it’s a crying shame to waste ice cream.

‘Nuff said.

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  1. My mother bought Neapolitan a lot; I always ate the vanilla first, then the chocolate, and then the strawberry. (It's not easy trying to avoid the next flavor.)

  2. I actually like all three. My favorite is chocolate though. I would eat strawberry first to get it out of the way, the the vanilla, then chocolate... but I also enjoyed a few bites of all three, and a few of the vanilla and chocolate together. These days, however, I don't waste my time. I just get chocolate... or vanilla and chocolate fudge. :)

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